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Artist background


Lucca, Italy
Recruited By: Scout - 33266

Alternative , Rock

The band FREE-GO sauntered onto the scene in late 2008, waking up the sleepy town of Lucca with riffs and a pounding kick-drum. Gerva, Charlie and Marcello were jammin’ out together when they felt something was missing. But what? Oh, a vocalist! They could have auditioned singers but being incredibly lazy they asked the first person they found who could actually sing in English without an accent and that’s when Enrico jumped onboard. <br> After a couple of hardcore jam sessions in a 4x4m room the band decided it was time to get creative and began writing Grammy winning songs. They haven’t won a Grammy yet, but they will. <br>FREE-GO does not do covers. Why? Because Enrico won’t sing them and there isn’t much sense in playing Top 40 tunes with vocal lines being riffed-out by Marcello’s guitar, or worse still, thumped-out by Charlie’s monstrous kick-drum. <br> FREE-GO has been described as an alternative rock band that can effortlessly float towards acoustic sounds when the need calls. What does this mean? The band doesn’t know, but someone wrote that about them. The band does know that live they rock out really, really hard, and Charlie’s kick-drum will thump you in the stomach until you get up and rock with them. <br> FREE-GO has promoted it’s first EP “What’s in the Fridge?” and ,tired of endorsing it, they are currently promoting their first full length album "For A Coin" (2013) thanks to many european gigs... but they don't stop writing new songs!!! <br> <br>- What's In The Fridge? - <br>Released October 2011, it immediately went to the top of the Childern's Lullaby Music charts. The band has filmed a bodacious video for “More of This Hell” and a naughty one for “Commander”. The song “Fast Faster” was chosen for the Rally DVD Vavavuma 2012, as only FREE-GO’s fantabulous alt rock was apt for car crashes. The song “Commander” has eked it’s way onto various compilations <br> <br>- For A Coin - <br>Release October 2013. Why? We don't know, but apparently the band likes the month of October. An album of twelve intrepid songs recorded entirely in the insane asylum that is Enrico's residence. Critics called the album pure brilliance, in the sense that the cover is quite shiney. With the pounding lucidity of Charlie's kick-drum, Free-Go will show you the way.



  • For A Coin

    By Free-Go

  • What's In The Fridge?

    By Free-Go