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Artist background
Full Metal Jacketz

Full Metal Jacketz

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


Ursprung [Origin]: <br>Göteborg, Sverige <br> <br>Medlemmar [Members]: <br>Martin Hson, Sverrir Marinosson, Christian 'Crippa' Odin, JC Petersson, Christian Smedström <br> <br>Diskografi [Discography]: <br>AIN'T GOT THE BLUES <br>CD, Arda 1990 (CDREX-104) <br> <br>ROCK'N'ROLL <br>CD, Helikopter 1992 (HELCD-06) <br> <br>Singlar [Singles]: <br>FINGER LICKIN' GOOD... / 1. Feel It Kickin' / 2. Flesh And Bone / 3. Eat The Rich / 4. Nanana (Nananana) <br>CDEP, Helikopter 1994 (HELCD-14)


  • Rock 'n' Roll

    By Full Metal Jacketz

  • Ain´t Got The Blues...

    By Full Metal Jacketz