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Artist background
Karl Hallgrímsson

Karl Hallgrímsson

Flúðir, Iceland


Folk , Blues , Pop

Karl Hallgrímsson is a singer-songwriter who often plays his music all alone, playing acoustic guitar and singing his songs and lyrics. Sometimes he has band to play along with him, f.x. on his second album. A band of incredible talented Icelandic musicians. <br> <br>The newest product is the solo album "Draumur um koss" (A dream about a kiss), released in October 2015. It was produced by Karl himself and the drummer Birgir Baldursson who also mixed the recordings. In 2011 the debut solo album was released. It´s called "Héðan í frá" (From here on in), produced and mixed by the multi talented musician and writer Orri Harðarson. <br> <br>Karls Hallgrímsson´s music is a mix of folk, pop, blues, jazz, country and even more genres, with strong connection to the Icelandic folk and pop tradition. The focus is most often on the lyrics.



  • Héðan í frá

    By Karl Hallgrímsson

  • Draumur um koss

    By Karl Hallgrímsson