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Eternal Army

Eternal Army

Trollhättan, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 762


Eternal Army is a underground rap-group which were combined by three guys. Eternal Army consists of Zeki, 2face & Hamodii. Everyone's have a unique flow / vocal and when they put them togehter they'll be unstoppable. <br> <br>It all started in the basement with cassette´s, paper and pencils, and now they're are spreadin' music to the underground, fuck mainstream, concrete firm, no damn radio hits, we give ya'll real stories, real life. We call our shit heavy metal rap cuz we're givin' ya'll lyrical rawness, raw shit. <br> <br>Eternal Army will release their first Album somewhere in 2010, the upcoming album is called, "Built From Hard Work", the album is guested by producers like "Marc Swing" and most of the tracks are mixed by Bjarne Hoff and recorded in his professional studio. The album will contain about 12 tracks, one of them are already released as a single under the name "Strugglin'".



  • Strugglin'

    By Eternal Army