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Artist background
No Offence

No Offence

Borås, Sweden



No Offence is an up and coming metalcore band from Borås, Sweden. The release of the EP ”ante portas” marks 15 years of playing local shows and venues, including opening act for the swedish doom metal gigants Candlemass in 2012. <br> <br>Moving from punk music to trash metal and ending up with the unique sound that today is significant for No Offence is a result of the the two founders Johan Jarnström (vocals, guitar) and Fredric Kransvik (guitar), and their determination to keep the band fresh and embracing new influences. With the 2010 introduction of two new members (Erik Jarnström on drums and backup vocals, and Gustav Anell on bass, piano and backup vocals) the decision was made to aim higher, and to write and record new songs better produced than anything the band ever made before. <br>The five track 2014 EP ”ante portas” has taken almost one year to produce and the result is a local sensation, receiving good marks in the local press and radio.



  • Kränkt

    By No Offence

  • ante portas

    By No Offence