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Artist background
Fagerroth Kristian

Fagerroth Kristian

Raseborg, Finland



Kristian Fagerroth and SUNRISE is a Finish rock band that started in <br>2007. All songs and lyrics are writen by Mika Helenius, Kristian Fagerroth and Tomas Näsman <br> <br>The songs are recorded in a studio at Kimito island in Finland <br>The artists are. Mika Helenius Synt,Piano,Song. <br>Kristian Fagerroth Song and guitars. <br>Petri Martikainen. Drums and Percussio. <br>Tom Renberg Bass guitar <br>Ari Kela Bas guitar. <br> Backing vocals Edu Kettunen and Sanna Strömsund And Anders Strömsund. Songs are recorded and mixed by Edu Kettunen.



    By Kristian Fagerroth.Mika Helenius

  • FagerZone

    By Fagerroth Kristian