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Artist background
Riff Knives

Riff Knives

Stockholm, Sweden


Rock , HipHop , Alternative

Riff Knives spawn a unique sound with foothold in rap, rock and funk flirting freely with various genres. Two major influences frequently mentioned are Neptunes/N*E*R*D mixed with 90's rap metal/rock like that of Rage Against the Machine and Faith No More. <br> <br>Riff Knives debuted in 2010 with DIY EP Rattle for Fame EP, recorded at home and hitting stores February 12 2010. Despite no financial back up, the EP gained attention (especially On the Top, a collaboration with Tanzanian rapper GMG) and has to this day (Q1 2018) been listened to just north of 26K times, mainly in Scandinavia, US, Australia, UK and Germany. <br> <br>The band toured their home country of Sweden and made themselves a name mainly as a fascinating live act, inter alia firing up traditional jazz joints despite their hardcore rock sound and receiving various accolades for their prolific live performances. <br> <br>The second EP, Ape Flip EP, was also DIY but with some help in late stage tuning from Anders Pantzer and Fres Söderström. It hit stores in early 2011 and was well recieved, to this day (Q1 2018) streamed around 60K times worldwide. <br> <br>Ape Flip EP was followed by immense touring between 2011 and 2013, and the release of a personally touched version of (hed)P.E.'s rap metal hit song Bartender, gaining even more attention, mainly in the US. <br> <br>A new single, "Fire" was released in 2013 and was well recieved, the single being the group’s most successful song to date. Riff Knives then went on a lengthy hiatus, broken in 2016 by a full length album, Ice Cream LP, released publicly but discretely, gaining limited attention. <br> <br>In early 2018, the band announced the release of a new single, One In All In [Rugby Sevens], scheduled for digital release on April 6th 2018.



  • Bartender

    By Riff Knives

  • Ape Flip EP

    By Riff Knives

  • Rattle For Fame EP

    By Riff Knives