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Artist background


London, United Kingdom



"It’s not often you find artists with such a strong sense of individuality, but D NOVA achieves this with perfect ease and a fabulous amount of style." - SeeSound <br> <br>Italian-born, D NOVA started to travel across Europe and the US from his early childhood. He began writing music at 13 years old and soon became a mix of different cultures. When grown up, he finally moved to the UK. Now, D NOVA offers the international market a hypnotic mix of electro, dance, 8-bit and club beats; blending together '80s influences with recent twists including The Neptunes, Justice and the French scene. <br> <br>Pop, Game, LGBT, Blend and Digital are the artist's driving concepts: the goal is in expressing a real and contemporary mood through bitter-sharp, addictive urban melodies. The final result is a starkly current manifesto for Pop Culture. <br>Through high-octane urban hymns, D NOVA presents audiences with a "Videogame-Sound" served up on an audio-scape of depth and flamboyant irony. <br> <br>In 2012, D NOVA was featured in the BBC Music Video Festival 2012 with the video "Genius-Crazy", while playing many gigs in London and hitting 420,000 views on Youtube with his street video "Life Is My Videogame vs. Rmi Gaillard". <br> <br>D NOVA's debut EP has gained words of praise from the International indie-press. The artist is based in London and performing in the UK. D NOVA's live performance is fresh, twisted and high-octane: all musicians wear "gameboy heads", during what is a uniquely must-see show.



  • Di$-KO

    By D NOVA

  • Life Is My Videogame EP

    By D NOVA