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Artist background


Göteborg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


Moonshine was founded during easter 2008 in Gothenburg by Pjernobyl (guitar), Robin Lidl (bass and vocals) and Björn Baby Björn (drums). Pjernobyl and Lidl's previous engagement to Slicks blueprinted Moonshine to be the next day with Slicks, while Björn Baby Björn's interest in classic D-beat and progressive rock would FUCK THINGS UP!! Our recipe for success is "impaired balance due to deformities in the inner ear combined with 3/3 vision" and we suck inspiration from our former bands Ståltax, Utbränd, Wildcat Strike (Robin Lidl), Agrimonia, Illdåd, Cold Existence (Björn Baby Björn) and Slicks (Pjernobyl och Robin Lidl). The results are (if we may say so) fat, fast and colorful. <br>During christmas 2008 we recorded "The Big Bang Gang" with technical assistance from Pontus Redig (Agrimonia). In fine DIY tradition each record comes with a different cover. The band name obligates the records to be burned at home (on cost-efficiently acquired cdrs) and sold by our own label Dooos Rec for roughly 3 euros apiece. <br>



  • The Big Bang Gang

    By Moonshine