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Artist background


Utrecht, Netherlands



Raptor was formed in early 2014 by Jon Symons (former Intwine guitarist) and Wouter Landzaat (former TerRa/Garlic bassist). In a burst of creativity and fueled by inspiration their debut album was created. <br> <br>Let Raptor take you on a journey with lush melodic textures coupled with heavy grooves and passages. Only days after the final note was played the full album has been uploaded on the internet. <br> <br>Aware of an ever changing and evolving music industry the band will not stay within the boundaries of the traditional ways of releasing music. In the future Raptor will release music into the world at moments when inspiration finds its way.Brace yourself for an exciting ride with Raptor as we go into the future. A future that will be filled with exciting new music! <br> <br> <br>Raptor is: <br> <br>Jon Symons: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Programming <br>Wouter Landzaat: Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Programming. <br>Niek de Jongh: Guitars <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>Raptor is written and recorded by Jon Symons and Wouter Landzaat in 2014. <br>Produced by Jon Symons and Wouter Landzaat. <br>Mixed and mastered by Jon Symons in Utrecht, the Netherlands. <br> <br> <br>Special thanks go out to: <br> <br>F. Damen, Line6 and our beloved friends and family. <br> <br>Without your understanding and help none of this would have been possible. <br> <br>Stay tuned for more news, artwork and a better glimpse into the band Raptor.



  • Lonely Boy

    By Raptor

  • Raptor

    By Raptor