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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden



Chosen by Gods started out as a project a couple of years ago. In the start the band sounded way different from today´s sound. The influences back then were harder metal with a twist of English punk legends Discharge. In other words the music was more in the veins of d-beat struck metal. <br>After a couple of years and a couple of members leaving and joining the band sounded pretty different from the original line-up. How to describe today´s Chosen by Gods then? Listen, then you decide! <br>So far the band has recorded two demos and just recently finished a three track EP. <br>Today´s line-up looks like this: <br>Henrik Ohlsson – vocals <br>Jocke Björkegren – guitars <br>Peter Kahm – bass <br>Max Thornell – drums <br>The band´s members have been around in the scene for quite some time and you might have heard them with bands / artist like Its Alive, Southpaw, ?Hearse, Leila K, Black Dog, Ebony Tears or Satanarchy. ?When it comes to influences it´s actually pretty hard to point them out, so let´s just deal with some music that the members have in common; <br>“Well, we all love just about every band and project that Mike Patton is / has been involved in; Faith No More, Tomahawk, Mr Bungle etc. Alice in Chains, Kvelertak and Black Sabbath are other bands that we are quite fond of. And of course the love for Kiss is hard to hide! To sum it up we listen to everything from punk to old hardrock to newer hardrock to jazz to death metal…well, you name it!” <br>At the moment the band´s aiming for a bunch of gigs in 2014 and it´s pretty much time for another EP or a full length album if you ask the band! <br>



  • Scars

    By Chosen By Gods

  • Process II

    By Chosen By Gods

  • Process

    By Chosen By Gods