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Artist background
Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Kalmar, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 24


Jane Doe is a female-fronted 4-piece rock band from the city of Kalmar, situated in the South-east of Sweden. Formed in autumn 2008, their music is mainly influenced by late seventies British punk-rock scene, including acts such as X-ray-spex, The Clash, Slaughter and The Dogs, The Damned, Gang of Four and The Adverts. The bands intention has always been to capture the rawness as well as the sense for great melodies of the early punk-pioneers, and, most important, the attitude that anything is possible and worth trying out, even if it does not conform to the current fashion. <br> <br>The band finalized their first studio-recording in January 2009, containing 14 self-composed tracks.After playing live-gigs in Sweden during the year, the band gained a reputation of being a well-acclaimed high-energy live-act. Jane Doe also has one track included on the US 272-Records compilation CD 'Punk Kills 10', released just before Christmas 2009. Same month the band went back in the studio and recorded a couple of new tunes, of which many had already grown into live-favorites during the year's live performances. Back on the road in January 2010, a full live-set was recorded, as well as captured on video. <br> <br>Throughout their career, Jane Doe has always stated the importance of having an honest relationship with fans and other bands, proving that they understand the importance of an open and direct communication with anyone paying interest. Quote from band-statement; 'Do we care if you enjoy our music? Yes we do, all bands claiming they don't, are lying. But we do not compromise. We have no intention whatsoever to change anything in order to fit in with various expectations regarding how we sound, what we should look like or what we ought to stand for. We could only do what we really believe in, anything else would be hypocrisy.' <br> <br>Punk-rock? Rock n' Roll? Pop? <br>It's up to you to say... <br>Jane Doe is simply... Jane Doe!



  • Every night and a misty day

    By Jane Doe

  • Final Warning

    By Jane Doe