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Artist background
Science of Demise

Science of Demise

Göteborg, Trollhättan, Skövde, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 192


Since the band’s 2009 debut deathcore styled EP "Final Act of Purification", Science of Demise has showed their fans what they're capable of. They won "rockpriset" at Sweden's largest music competition "Musik Direkt" and so they played at one of Sweden's most exclusive festivals, Arvikafestivalen (Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and more!). All this without being signed or represented by any labels or managements. <br> <br>Now the time has come for Science of Demise to be taken to the next step. With a much more thought out and progressive debut album in the works, everyone is working hard to achieve a newer and more fresh sound than the dull deathcore that has been plauging the death metal scene for so long. All the new songs will be recorded somewhere around spring 2010 and will be released as a concept album shortly thereafter. Stay tuned, and keep it brutal! <br> <br>Science of Demise are willing to negotiate with interested labels, managements and booking agencies.



  • Bloom

    By Science of Demise

  • Submerge

    By Science of Demise

  • Final Act of Purification

    By Science of Demise