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Artist background
The Beginning

The Beginning

Uppsala, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


Said about In Everything: <br>"10 out of 10" - Shindig! Magazine <br>“A great record for all fans of Madchester and British Psychedelia” - (grade 4/5) <br>“This is a great listen” – Double breasted mod magazine <br>“There are qualities in the arrangements that many bands lack these days” - spengobloggen.blogspot,com <br> <br>Biography: <br> <br>Sunshine pop... <br> <br>According to Wikipedia, “Sunshine pop is a subgenre of pop music, characterized by a cheerful attitude, close vocal harmonies, and sophisticated production, although there is no formal or strict definition.” <br> <br>The term hasn't exactly been used frequently for the last fourty years but it could in fact be the perfect description of The Beginning. Because when you listen to the debut album In Everything you will find plenty of catchy melodies, neat vocal arrangements and smooth and groovy pop songs. And although references to British psychedelia and 90s Manchester pop seem inevitable, the songs still brings freshness to the genre and bear a mark of their own. <br> <br>The Beginning started out in 2009 as the solo-project of Swedish Hammond organ player Anders Ljunggren, also member of critically acclaimed pop jazz-duo Trummor & Orgel, who had an urge to begin writing vocal based pop music as a contrast to the works of Trummor & Orgel. With the help from a few musicians, 11 catchy pop pearls were conjured up for the debut album which was released in limited edition (CD) on February 22th 2010 on own label Uptown Hitsters. <br> <br>Eventually the project grew into a complete band, featuring some of Sweden's top musicians; Andreas Stellan known from playing with Dungen, Anna Järvinen, Ludwig Bell and The Works, Martin Fogelström guitar player in The Works and with Anna Järvinen and Staffan Ljunggren, drummer in Trummor & Orgel. <br> <br>"In Everything", released on Feb 22nd 2010: <br>1. Sometimes it's so hard <br>2. All in time <br>3. Seize the rainbow <br>4. Time of your life <br>5. Find out <br>6. My world <br>7. She is in everything <br>8. Feel for me <br>9. We will win in the end <br>10. Light has gone out <br>11. Here she comes <br> <br>



  • In Everything

    By The Beginning