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Lies Musik

Lies Musik

Falun, Sweden


Pop , Rock , Folk

Mattias Lies grew up in Falun-Sundborn in the heart of Dalarna county, with the wilderness around the corner and a bunch of boxing gloves in the closet. It was also here that he learned to play guitar and sing. By his half-Norwegian father, the Swedish middleweight champion, he inherited great skills in the art of boxing and through the father he also got access to a great collection of vinyl records from the 1960′s. Through his Finnish mother he inherited a lot of “Sisu” (Finnish word for guts) and a variety of beautiful melancholy melodies from the dark forest of Finland. All these matters made an unforgettable impact on the young Mr.Lies. With a lot of guts and a bunch of childhood melodies in his backpack Mattias started to compose powerful country reeking songs with heavy punch lines. <br> <br>Mattias often sings about his own journey at the road of life, a tortuous path constantly moving up and down over the blue mountains of Dalarna. On “Still believe in Lies” he’s reflecting upon events such as love to those closest to him, his checkered past and worldly phenomena. Still believe in Lies” is coming to terms with bygone and contemporary eras, it emphasizes the value of standing up for yourself and what you believe in- a bubbling cauldron, colored by all kinds of experiences. <br> <br>“I’ve been reflecting and confronting my past for over ten years now and I feel I’m getting ashore now,” says Mattias, and continues: “I have come to realize what my life is about and I wrote this album on that basis.” <br> <br>Few artists have the ability to envisage such a project but Mattias does so with a natural confidence, without compromising on either personal statement or integrity. The influences that Mattias earlier embraced from role models like Tom Petty and Neil Young are still present but now in a much more subtle way. The new song material bears traces of several musical worlds – dirty 60′s pop á-la The Kinks mixed successfully with both blues, soul and rock music. Spontaneity characterizes the music where the distinctive voice of Mattias is given a legitimate space in tune with the lyrics, conveying a glowing energy that is contagious from the time the first note strikes. <br> <br>The Messages (2008) album was a dramatic departure from his former folky release ”Mattias Lies”(2006). Anyone who’s been listening to these previous recordings realize the great difference between them and the musical progress is obvious. This applies both to the lyrics and the music but mainly to the clear and intimate voice of Mattias Lies. The music is characterized by his distinctive voice, full of tempered force and powered by undeniable artistic credibility. It makes the listener realize that life is not so damn easy, it challenges the listener to seek their own internal answers. Despite his sometimes barren and harsh countenance, the music of Mattias has the ability to make emotions flow in a space that gives the imagination free interpretation. <br> <br>Mattias Lies continues on life’s journey at a time when many roads are converging. “Still believe in Lies” was written in the crossroad where these pathways are gathering, in an interaction between the old and the new. <br> <br>Like the Swedish group Eskobar among others, Mattias also dropped his second album on his own label in order to remain independent and be able to retain control over his musical career. The new album was produced by Magnus Bergman, TST Studio.



  • Still believe in Lies


  • The Changing

    By Mattias Lies

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