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Artist background
Daniel Honey

Daniel Honey

London, United Kingdom

Recruited By: Scout - 762


Daniel Honey has been described as having “songs influenced by indie, folk, and blues styles, Daniel (is) a singer-songwriter of the likes of Damien Rice and David Gray. Daniel is currently playing in venues around London whilst recording his first EP”. <br> <br>Daniel’s earliest influences are from the grunge scene (Nirvana, Pearl Jam), Brit Pop (Blur, Suede), and also classic bands such as The Who, Pink Floyd, and Led Zep. Soon enough he decided to create music of his own and began writing songs whilst spending his youthful years playing in grunge/indie bands before gathering the courage to perform solo. <br> <br>Daniel went to Liverpool at the end of the nineties and studied popular music. It was here Daniel discovered folk, blues, lo-fi, and other forms of music which changed his writing styles. He began performing solo at various venues in Liverpool before moving back to southern England, where he performs and records to this day.



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    By Daniel Honey