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Artist background
Kristofer Axén

Kristofer Axén

Stockholm, Sweden


Pop , Rock , Alternative

Kristofer Axén is a singer/songwriter of progressive pop creating a colorful blend of super-melodic songwriting, unorthodox harmonies and song-structures. His debut album Strange Light Music was released in April of 2014, largely a self-produced and self-mixed effort with drummer and studio-technician Sebastian Ring as the main collaborator. In 2015, Axén teamed up with drummer and studio-man Poul Amaliel for the follow-up to SLM, the thirteen-track piece entitled The Creek And the Carving. It was released on the Strange Light Music label on April 20 of 2016, preceded by two singles. <br> <br>All texts, music, videos, blog entries and info is collected on the official website: <br> <br> <br> <br>



  • The Creek And the Carving

    By Kristofer Axén

  • Peculiar Logics

    By Kristofer Axén

  • The Mutual Strain

    By Kristofer Axén

  • Strange Light Music

    By Kristoffer Axén

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