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Artist background
Premonition Records

Premonition Records

Umeå, Sweden

Recruited By: Hey Punk! Records

Rock , Pop

Premonition Records have released Vinyl and CD since 1995, based in Umeå/Sweden. <br> <br>Bands like: <br>The International Noise Conspiracy <br>Him Kerosene <br>Slutstation Tjernobyl <br>Kevlar <br>Isolation Years <br>Blackout <br>The Crystal Committee <br>The John Doe Band <br>BillyEd <br>Eclipse <br>The End Will Be Kicks <br>



  • Rivals

    By Blackout

  • Fight for tomorrow

    By Blackout

  • Tewbk

    By The End Will Be Kicks

  • No mend no repair

    By Him Kerosene

  • Till krig

    By Slutstation Tjernobyl