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Artist background
Piston Fury

Piston Fury

Uppsala, Sweden



When I started out with the Piston Fury project, the main idea was to keep things simple. Everything was stripped down to the core! An electric guitar, a mic, some stomp boxes, a voice and some good songs and that was it! I felt that I missed hearing good metal and heavy rock songs without everything but the main ingredients. That's what Piston Fury is still all about really! <br> <br>My aim is not to make "the perfect" recording but to make it more personal and direct. Metal Eldorado with it's 17 tracks for instance, was recorded between 9pm and 5am one Saturday in late August 2013! Basically it’s just me experimenting with some new recording equipment and some tracks that I felt should be recorded. With Chimney View, things were turned up a notch and I also started out playing bass guitar and also drums. After that release, I kind of liked playing all the instruments and also do the vocals myself. It was a real challenge doing all including final production and mixing and I wanted to try it out some more – hence Bring it to a Boil EP. The EP is really me going all in on all accounts. Again, keeping it simple is what it’s all about. <br> <br>My ongoing challenge is making a full album with no one but me playing all instruments, vocals and production and mixing - Piston Fury style... The planned release is due in 2016. Keep an eye out for that one, it's gonna be something else! <br> <br>Have a good one, <br>//Piston Fury <br>


  • Tracks of Steel

    By Piston Fury

  • Bring it to a Boil EP

    By Piston Fury

  • Chimney View

    By Piston Fury

  • Metal Eldorado

    By Piston Fury