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Artist background
Rick Fowler

Rick Fowler

Athens, Georgia, United States of America
A&R at Record Union


Blues , Rock

With a raw soul reminiscent of early Johnny Winter and an aural suspense akin to Robin Trower, Fowler and band deliver the energy, joy, anger, and often deep torment found in the very best of blues-rock. <br> <br>"Athens, Georgia's Rick Fowler is a midnight stalker on guitar, steady when called for, but fearless when he rips into the moment. As a vocalist he's spooky-smooth. Randall Bramblett, along with a few others, mixes up tasty blues/rock cocktails behind Fowler on Back On My Good Foot. There's a distinct Brit-invasion vibe to several of the songs, but the production and the deft, exciting performances root the album firmly in the here and now. “You've got skeletons in your closet; well mine's out walkin' 'round; and when that jawbone starts to rattle; it spreads the news all over town.” That line alone, on top of a stomping beat, distinguishes Fowler as one hell of a writer. The timely political outrage in “Running from the Truth” and the chic blues in “Walk Softly” are two more cases in point. As a perfect conclusion to the album, the band all but one-ups Savoy Brown in ten agile minutes of sheer “Hellbound Train.” ... Hittin' the Note magazine, June 2008 <br>



  • I'm Moving Up

    By Rick Fowler Band

  • Discordia

    By Rick Fowler Band

  • Bombay

    By Bombay

  • The Destiny Blues (single vers..

    By Rick Fowler


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