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Artist background


Cardiff, United Kingdom

Recruited By: Hasse


We are NEW-ELECTRIC-RIDE and have been since the summer of July ‘2009. Despite our relationship as childhood friends and growing up together, we have managed to capture the same dreams and passion in music. From pushing boundaries and flirting with musical concepts and being involved in various bands/projects that have evolved over time, we remain strong and passionate about NEW-ELECTRIC-RIDE! A concept born over an array of changing events and transitions that ultimately catapulted two talented friends into a vault of creativity. A web spun on ideals and musical flavours that have come to form a sound that transcends boundaries and genres. NEW-ELECTRIC-RIDE are Mark; fellow purveyor of the psychedelic-folk-rock experience, bass player and musician who lignite's the music and captivates the hearts and minds of those listening and Lee; Singer/song writer & guitarist, who considers his participation as a merely an experience not to be missed and appreciated as an honest labourer restoring the land to that which it once was! An architect of the musical equilibrium that is NEW-ELECTRIC-RIDE! Percussion has been an revolving door into NEW-ELECTRIC-RIDES life; consequently we have been using session drummers to complete the void and fulfil the magic to the sound! Nevertheless, a hindrance to the next level, but a productive approach to making music and surviving on the musical circuit. Although visually not consistent, it’s musically alive and hungry for more! It’s like a marriage and not a convenience for recognition, but a relationship blessed from commitment and desire. Hence, if we find a drummer willing to fulfil our expectations, that being simply commitment, we endeavour to break from the session drummers help and complete the relationship for NEW-ELECTRIC-RIDE. The NEW ELECTRIC RIDE sound is retro, yet modern, and contains elements of psychedelic, blues, folk, rock and metal influences mixed in with an infectious groove and sublime riffs. NEW ELECTRIC RIDE are happy to play any gig, any time and anywhere and will support or headline so if anyone reading this can offer us a gig or help us in any way get in touch.



  • New Electric Ride

    By New Electric Ride