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Artist background
Edvard Bisof

Edvard Bisof

Malmö, Sweden


World , Pop

Singer and composer Edvard Bisof has since his childhood been in love with music. From school recitals, children's festivals, teenage rock bands to studying jazz at the Malmö Academy of Music, Edvard's musicianship has evolved into something unique and inspiring. His creativity and output has no limits - both harmonically, melodically and most of all rhythmically. <br>Constantly finding new influences and ideas in his songwriting, Edvard's music ranges from pop, soul and funk to world music and jazz. <br>Having the privilege of playing with some of the best young musicians in Scandinavia, Edvard is now ready to move on to the next level and take on the world!



  • Bisof/Andersson Duo

    By Edvard Bisof,Gustav Andersson

  • Opop!

    By Opop!