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Artist background
Sabina Chantouria

Sabina Chantouria

Malmö, Sweden



”One of the new rising stars in Swedish popmusic” <br>(Demobanken 21/1-12). <br> <br>Sabina is a Swedish/Georgian singer/songwriter. ”I want to make music that moves people’s hearts in different ways – I hope my music will show you what feelings sound like”. <br> <br>Together with her guitar and song, she will take you on a journey in the borderland between pop and folk sounds, where no one is left unaffected. <br> <br>Her first single A Confession was released in September 2013. Sabina won the music competiton ”The Audience Choice” arranged by The Malmö Festival. In 2011 she was selected to compete in the talent show “World Championships of Performing Arts” in Hollywood, with one of her original songs. ”An original sound and an extraordinary cool voice that etches itself into the memory” (opinon WCOPA 2011). Sabina has made apperance on national Georgian TV-channels and has worked with big names in the music industry, both Sweden and Georgia. <br> <br>The combination of beauty and controversy has always fascinated Sabina, just like honesty and frankness. ”What fascinates me about music is how you can create worlds of nearness, dream away, and recognize yourself”. A voice from the music network ReverbNation: ”Direct powerful and impelling, slicing directly to the heart with honest power. Finally, music with teeth, heart and soul!”



  • A Confession

    By Sabina Chantouria