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Artist background
Antoine Smith

Antoine Smith

Cleveland, United States of America
Recruited By: The Peoples Music Awards

Jazz , HipHop , Electronic

Smith was born Aug. 1, 1992 (BMI member) is a composer, songwriter, drummer, keyboardist, singer, rapper, producer, and engineer of jazz and other genres. The 6’1” underrated artist produced 11 jazz albums from age 15. 2008 - 2012, compilations such as; “All That Jazz,” “Project A,” “The Drifter,” “Wallflower,” “Daydream,” and “Mythical” were under an independent label Turn On Records, which was a subsidiary of EROICA. In 2012, EROICA lost their indie label due to financial complications which concluded all their artists. <br> <br>Smith's music ranges from rap/hip-hop/jazz/world/pop/j-pop, and rhythm & blues. Pseudo name as a producer is DJ Night Writer. Smith’s rap/hip-hop, and rhythm & blues is popular for his originals and remakes on Youtube that many local and indie rappers frequently use for their mix-tapes. His productions got him an audition for Def Jam's "We Got Next" in 2010. By 2012, he released 2 "promos" under his real name Antoine Christopher.



  • Daydream

    By Antoine Smith

  • Wallflower

    By Antoine Smith

  • Mythical

    By Antoine Smith