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Artist background


Newton Falls, United States of America

Recruited By: Hasse


Asphyxian formed in the spring if 1877 in New York city playing street corners for wandering vagrants, city castaways and deaf people. Their daily coin was hard-earned, often given out of pity from an empathetic passerby, but this did not stop them from squandering their meager earnings at burlesque shows and back room bars. <br> <br>After too many drinks and too many dances, the band took up their shabby belongings and walked to what is modern day New Orleans Louisiana; at the time it was nothing more than a rural refuge, a swamp-like wasteland. <br> <br>Often times in the dark back rooms of the ramshackle taverns where they played, Asphyxian heard tales of an old witch, an immortal hag, who was deemed the daughter of the devil . <br> <br>Curiosity got the best of the band and they set out to find this old woman… <br> <br>After many months of searching and losing their way, they found her…in a split level tree right off of the swamp. <br> <br>The hospitable witch poured her guests some brew and promised them fame and fortune, and many other temptations… under one condition: the band would sing and strum songs of love and loss, pain and heartache, betrayal and death… <br> <br>Axphyxian spit the brew and told the old woman that they would do no such thing. Instead of love and loss - they would play dirt and dirge; instead of pain and heartache; they would play rock and rude; instead of betrayal and death…well, maybe they would play a little betrayal and death. Still, there was no deal. <br> <br>The witch smiled. “Well done,” she said. “You passed the test.” Then she gave the impoverished street band from New York a room full of instruments, some new and some ancient, and told them to go to Ohio to shake-up the Midwest and spread their grimy rock– and they did just that. <br> <br>Today, Asphyxian has three releases: Homage to the End times, "The Price of Redemption" and "And i will be, until the day i die." They still play in bars and taverns and other unlikely places and their audience has evolved to thousands of loyal followers who still wander in from the streets to discover a band like no other –



  • The Price of Redemption

    By Asphyxian