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Artist background
Systematic slaughter

Systematic slaughter

Karlstad, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Rock , Alternative

Systematic Slaughter was formed in Karlstad, Sweden by drummer Andreas Magnusson and guitarist Kristian Olsson during the summer of 2009. Having grown up and played music together they'd lost contact with each other. Everything changed after a phonecall one late night and they started jamming again. <br> <br>Once again, they instantly clicked playing together and talked about what kind of music they wanted to make. They came to an agreement: Fast, brutal and very melodic. <br> <br>A couple of weeks later, Systematic Slaughter was born. Childhood-friend Per Hagelin joined in on bass and guitarist Thomas Josefsson (Earlier in Soul Source) was brought in. The bandname came out of their idea on bringing different genres together and "cutting out" the parts they didn't like about them. <br> <br>After recording a song called 'Displaced' with their vocalist Pär Carlsson, Pär decided to leave the band. <br> <br>After almost giving up the search for a new vocalist, they found not just one, but two. Kim Nilsson and Christofer Olsen was the perfect mix of vocalists and had worked together before. <br> <br> <br>Endorsed By: <br>Wax Clothing <br> <br>Staydirt <br> <br>



  • Silence Broken

    By Systematic Slaughter

  • Shadows

    By Systematic Slaughter

  • World in Chaos

    By Systematic Slaughter