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Los Jalapeños

Los Jalapeños

The Hague, Netherlands



Dutch rock band Los Jalapeños has been around for a while now. Starting out in 2009 as a garage-rock band, but developing themselves in 2013 into a mature band making experimental psychotic garagegrungepunkrock'n'roll, as they like to call it. <br> <br>After a great amount of (festival)shows, participation in the Dutch 'Popronde' (which is basically a complete national tour consisting of about 15 shows), and a successful debut album the band retracted for a while to work on new material, which will be presented in August in the form of a new EP. Bram, Colin and Tim are crossing the borders within the genre, which results in a sound and style that can be hard to describe. Comparisons to acts as Nirvana or Queens of the Stone Age will still seem in place though, and also inspiration from the more 'classic' acts as Led Zeppelin can still be heard in the new Los Jalapeños songs, without damaging their own identity. <br> <br>As a matter of fact: home-built guitars and unconventional song structures make for an unusually unique and 'own' sound, to which the band continues to live up to time and time again. Especially during live shows Los Jalapeños is truly an act you can't miss out on; with their charismatic frontman, backed by an amazingly tight rhythm section, you'll be experiencing controlled chaos from the first moment, both on- and off-stage. <br> <br>Los Jalapeños is a band with a personality, where creativity and originality come first, and with their new EP on its way the future is looking bright for these macho muchachos. <br>



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    By Los Jalapeños