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Artist background
Newgate Fringes

Newgate Fringes




The duo Newgate Fringes consists of Jesper Zakrisson and Johan Hansson and they formed in 2003. They have released three albums before and just released their fourth, “Keeping the Score”. <br> <br>This is singer/songwriter music with a mellow touch, with tight beautiful vocal harmonies and nice guitar arrangements. In their latest album they produced an ambience that made me sometimes think of the early sixties with Everly Brothers and early Simon & Garfunkel, emphasized by the great percussion ideas in some tracks. <br> <br>With the new songs they have moved on to larger arrangements with more instruments, but still with the same base and feeling in the songs. <br> <br>By: Pär Berglund ( <br> <br>In the fall of 2010, guitarist Niclas Bergström, joined the band to complete a trio. The three guys previously played together as a Dave Matthews cover-band.



  • Arrow Street Sessions

    By Newgate Fringes

  • Something Missing

    By Newgate Fringes

  • Collecting Your Points

    By Newgate Fringes

  • Keeping Your Score

    By Newgate Fringes