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Artist background
The Prince of MSK

The Prince of MSK



Rock , Classical , Alternative

The journey began in 2003 when The Prince of MSK went to buy a MIDI keyboard. It was probably the cheapest one available and sadly enough it had a very short life... <br>However, this keyboard was delivered with an, equally cheap, computer program for music editing, called Cubasis 3.0. <br>It didn't take The Prince an all too long time to realise that a MIDI keyboard and a computer program is a very limited amount of equipment for a recording studio. <br>Now the real work began: guitars were built, lots of things were bought(such as various sorts of musical instruments, a new computer, amplifiers, mixers, microphones, speakers etc.). Of course The Prince also had to learn how to play these instruments, which proved to be a real challenge. <br>Finally he started to record his songs, which still were very simple and had weird lyrics. <br>Today, about six years later, the lyrics still sound weird, however they have a much deeper and more serious message. The music is mainly based on harmonies by three, or more, guitars. His intention is to let the melodies describe landscapes and places, but to still leave a little space for the listeners own emotions and imagination. This philosophy played a crucial part throughout the entire process of creating his latest albums - "Timeless Stories" and "HOLME". <br> <br>Enjoy listening! <br> <br>



  • Royal Jam

    By The Prince of MSK

  • Levenaig

    By The Prince of MSK


    By The Prince of MSK

  • Timeless Stories

    By The Prince of MSK