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Artist background





THE STORY SO FAR... <br>EARL AND DALLAS formed in Eksjö/Sweden in Mars 2006 as a collaboration between Jonas & Marcus , just for the fun of making music. The writing- and recordingsessions soon resulted in an album: "SONGS FROM THE VILLAGE MILL" which was released in December -06 on their own label. For this occasion (the releaseparty were held at hotel Vaxblekaregården in Eksjö) Earl and Dallas performed some of their songs, for the first time "live". Ted Stenlöv and Victor Kindgren were asked to join on bass and drums to make the whole thing a little bit lauder. <br> <br>The two, together with Ulric Utsi-Åhlin on pedalsteel soon became permanent members of the band. A highlight during E&D..s Summertour-07, was their performance at the great Ydre Country Festival. <br> <br>The band did several appreciated concerts during -07 and -08. At a show in Jönköping, arranged by Ingemar Elf (Elf Country Music booking), E & D met the great Canadian Countryartist ROMI MAYES. In june -08 E & D invited Romi and the fantastic singer/guitarist ANDREW NEVILLE (Andrew Neville and the poor choices, also from Canada) to their hometown to play live and also do some recordings... The concerts were filmed by the capable Joacim Lundqvist. <br>In June -08 E&D were nominated among 15 other artiststo participate in the annual "Country SM" in Sälen. <br>After nearly two years of work, E&D finally released their 2:nd album: "WHERE GREAT OAKS GROW"- mars 2009. The album is dedicated to their own home town Eksjö. One of the songs:"Higher Level" is a duet with Romi Mayes. A party were held, this time at the Grand Hotel in Eksjö and nearly 500 persons celebrated with the band... <br>Please stay tuned to find out what the future has in store for this fantastic Swedish country-band... <br>Peace/EARL AND DALLAS <br>------------------------------------------ <br>Discography: <br>Earl and Dallas: Songs from the village mill (december 2006) <br>Earl and Dallas: Where great oaks grow (mars 2009) <br>------------------------------------------ <br> <br>



  • A Wonderful E.P

    By Earl & Dallas

  • Where great oaks grow

    By Earl and Dallas