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Artist background


Trondheim, Norway



Hogweed is the brainchild of Einar, who started writing songs alongside his brother back in 2007. They took the name from one of the tracks on the album “Nursery Crime” by Genesis. <br> <br>After some trail and error and a few lineup changes they did conjure up a distinct sound that helps you navigate through the musical landscape with a soft summer breeze to guide your way. <br> <br>So sit down, let your mind rest for awhile. <br> <br> <br> <br>Hogweed consists of the following cats: <br> <br>Hanne: Vocals & Guitar <br> <br>Lars Ivar: Guitars & Vocals <br> <br>Severin: Guitars <br> <br>Anders: Drums & Percussion <br> <br>Einar: Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Percussion & Vocals <br> <br> <br> <br>Here are what people has said about Hogweed <br> <br>“Hipster neo-folk, sounds a bit like Fairport Convention” <br> <br>“Hogweed are really something different, with a beautifully harmonious, atmospheric sound” <br> <br>”Female vocalist in the Neko Case tradition.” <br> <br>”Liker godt vokalen deres, men også hele pakken . Et fintlåtende band med veldig bra låter og særpreg." Atle Rovik at steps music <br> <br>



  • The Worthless Wait

    By Hogweed