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Artist background


Clearwater, United States of America

Recruited By: TheMusicMan81


From This Fire is a modern hard rock band with a metal-edge that's based in the Tampa Bay Area. Officially forming in 2006, FTF merges the sounds of Metallica-like heavy guitar riffs with the melodic open, filling sound of modern rock acts such as Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Seether and Alter Bridge. FTF has always been a musical force in one way or another: Drew Bell lends his raspy lead vocal to his chunky guitar riffing; complimenting - or, rather, cementing - this is the aggressive drumming of one Gabe Higgins. To round out the picture and allow FTF to sound huge, is Derek Fair, whose phenomenal bass playing more than carries the low end. This lineup brings a highly energetic vibe as well as a high level of musicianship and camaraderie. FTF isn't afraid of putting themselves on the hard front lines: their lyrics are permeated with brutal honesty. The guys, as individuals, use FTF as their vehicle to deliver their fiery vision with a vibrant passion.



  • Forget

    By From This Fire

  • The Serenade EP

    By From This Fire

  • From This Fire

    By From This Fire