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Artist background
Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead

Köpingsvik, Sweden



On a small island in the south of Sweden lives a 20 year old man, who is struggling with his dream of making his life into a big music machine. <br> <br>By the time Marcus was 16, he moved all alone to a new town where he would end up meeting a lot of new musicians, friends and role models. In this wind-blowing town called Karlskrona, he created a four-piece band called The Dots with three classmates from high school. Their main influences were taken from bands like The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys and other well-known indie rock bands. <br> <br>Marcus was responsible for almost all the songwriting and he also served as the root for the band’s main sound, but his fellow band members had different influences of their own, which came to change the band’s sound. <br> <br>During the three years of high school, the band came to split up. This didn’t stop Marcus from writing new songs, and soon a new project was created. His old band mates rejoined, along with two friends playing piano and keys, and once again they were back on stage. <br> <br>Now, Marcus has been out of his comfort-zone for a while and been listening to new types of music and experimenting with different genres. Some examples of artists that have been inspiring to him are Jeff Buckley, Otis Redding and Dog Is Dead. He also put a lot of interest in music from the late 1960's with bands like The Kinks, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel, which makes his music more versatile and innovative.



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    By Marcus Runnemark