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Artist background
Big wave

Big wave

Torquay, United Kingdom



Big Wave are a 5 piece guitar pop band from Torquay. The band is made up of old friends Ella (vocals/guitar), Rikki (guitar), Matt (drums), Pete (bass) and Mel (keys). <br> <br>The group bonded in the local haunts of Torquay over a shared interest in pop music, alcohol and terrible dancing. In true sitcom style the band all live together and to the bemusement of their landlord this has resulted in the inevitable, regular living room ‘shouty’ rehearsals. <br> <br> Big Wave have had a busy 2012; they released EP ‘The Roots of Love Come Tumbling Down’ on Softpower Records and two Singles: ‘Dying on the Vine’ on Art is Hard Records and ‘Only You’ on Beautiful Strange Records. These releases created quite a buzz online with features on the 405 website, backing from Fake DIY and a rather glowing piece on Spinner’s website. <br> <br>Big Wave’s live credentials include the honour of being selected to play End of The Road festival alongside band favourites Patti Smith and Grizzly Bear. In addition Big Wave have supported acts such as Tender Trap, Metronomy and Evans the Death. Finally, the group from Torquay have a busy year ahead of them; having already appeared at ‘London Pop Fest’ and ‘Wales goes Pop’ they are set to play ‘Indietracks’ festival in the Summer. Big Wave have a single planned for Easter with a potential album lined up for Summer release. In addition, the group were invited to a prestigious BBC Introducing Master Class in April. <br> <br> Finally, Big Wave will release their next single ‘Goldmine’ on May 06th with Art Is Hard records. The single will be released on a limited run of golden, chrome cassettes. ‘Goldmine’ is Big Wave at their most poppy; the song features drawling, hooky guitars and a sing-along, splashy chorus embodying all the light, glitter and also some of the dark suggested by the song’s title. <br> <br> 'Big Wave are a fine export; one of the country's most underrated new bands’ – Fake DIY <br> <br>‘Boasting about as many hooks as you could fit into 2 and a half minutes and bursting with personality and melody, it's a particularly undeniable piece of pop music’ - 405 FOUROHFIVE <br> <br>'Dying On The Vine, is a marvelous slab of guitar-driven indie-pop and a track that firmly marks the band as one of the finest up-and-coming acts these shores currently has to offer. Yep, that good.'. – Gold Flake Paint



  • The Roots of Love (Come Tumbli..

    By Big Wave