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Artist background
Godless men

Godless men

Gothenburg, Sweden



Godless Men is a hardworking bluesrock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. <br>Although the band is relatively new, the members all have a long history of magicmaking and musicianship. This is a collaboration of Alexander Asp (ex Our Notion), Palle Karlsson (ex Our Notion), Jimmy Johansson (ex Rosemary, Owls of Overdose) and Mathias Smedberg (ex Rosemary, Owls of Overdose). <br> <br>Influences and roots run deep, and there usually is no telling what might be released, rehearsed or even thought of. <br> <br>On the 17th of April 2013, Godless men released their debut CD. A self-titled EP containing five song. In february 2014 they release their second EP, "No treasure, no gold", containing five songs.



  • No treasure, no gold

    By Godless men