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Kungsbacka, Sweden
A&R at Record Union

Hi, my name is Hans Selander and I am a music addict. <br> <br>I was born two days prior to the release of The Who&#39;s “My Generation” single. My brother has always been a lively storyteller full of rock &amp; roll tales and he told me about how The Who trashed all their instruments at the end of their concerts. So one day when I was about five years old he came home and my friend and I were listening to “The Ox” by The Who at maximum volume and had just trashed both his semi-acoustic guitars to pieces. He was not nearly as thrilled about it as my friend and I were but it later became another good story for him to tell. <br> <br>In the 80&#39;s I played bass in the infamous Swedish punk band Rabies that got banned from all the youth centres in the Gothenburg region. We released a 7&quot; single in 1985 but under the name Tre Muskler (Three Muscles) and broke up after the release gig. <br> <br>I started a MySpace page a couple of years ago after surfing around the net in search of good, new music and for some time now I have been promoting the ones I found on music forums all over. <br>I&#39;m still on a constant search for exciting new music and will continue promoting the ones I find on my MySpace page. <br> <br>And now I&#39;m here, so let the liberation begin... <br> <br>If you want to join Record Union with me as your guiding A&amp;R just let me know and I will give you a special code so you get most out of the deal... <br> <br>Now I also offer graphic work for cover art, posters, T-Shirts, banners, webPage, MySpacePage and so on, just let me know what you need. <br> <br>as for reference I&#39;ve made the art work for The Soundtrack of Our Lives upcoming album Golden Greats No.1 with Nordic release date 24 November. the complete Cover Art, T-Shirt, Tour Poster and so on. I have also made the cover art for TSOOL&#39;s four latest digital singles. <br> <br>let me know if you wanna join my roster


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