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Artist background
Charlotte Almgren

Charlotte Almgren

Stockholm, Sweden


Pop , Alternative , Electronic , Reggae , Soundtrack , Folk


  • Kia Time Is Now

    By Kia Motors Sweden

  • Summer waves

    By Eckerö line

  • The music will never stop

    By Plan8

  • Carl - 1997 Recordings

    By Calle Stenqvist

  • Finding Love

    By Plan8

  • Out of School (Bang Olufsen Be..

    By P8

  • Tiny Grain

    By Charlotte Almgren

  • Lite mer (Ason Id Remix)

    By Plan8

  • Lite mer

    By Emilush

  • Lite Mer - Original

    By Plan8

  • Erick the Muscle Mass Man

    By Plan8

  • Stand by Me

    By Olivia Svensson

  • Tiny Grain

    By Cecilia Nyquist