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Artist background


Gothenburg, Sweden


Alternative , Pop

At some midsummer party taking place around 1997, Måns got a compliment for his, at the time, very tasty mozzer haircut. This led to something that later became leopold. The following fall we shyly started rehearsing together. <br> <br>When confident enough we went away for peoplesbeer fuelled recording sessions in winter shutdown summer houses. Despite lack of recording skills we somehow managed to turn these sessions into CDR demos. This led to several gigs, two gold records in a not longer existing DIY store and a possibility to record a studio album. The debut album Dreaming is for anyone was released in the fall of 2003 on Tomt/Deadfrog recordings. <br> <br>After three years of developing the sound of their common music ideals blended up with their very own "30 something middle class debts", they released their second album friend of a friend on Tomt recordings.


  • Dreaming is for anyone

    By leopold

  • Forever Ljungs

    By Ljungs

  • Friend of a friend

    By leopold