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Artist background
Der Wahnsinn

Der Wahnsinn

São Paulo, Brazil



The German-singing Brazilian-made band started as a Rammstein tribute in the late 2002&#39;s and started its own efforts in 2007, with the 5-track EP &quot;Industrielle Revolution&quot;. <br>Composed by Christian Hoffman (vocals), Denis Roosevelt (drums), Eloi Aldrovandi (guitars, samplers), Fernando Mazzaro (guitars), Leandro Mazzaro (guitars) and Lucas Picoli (keyboards, samplers); the group achieved some success in the Brazilian underground scene, with good reviews from local and international critics alike. <br>Der Wahnsinn ultimately disbanded, after Picoli quitting the band in early 2008 and every other member except Fernando (the &quot;Der Wahnsinn&quot; brand owner at the time) quitting in mid 2010.



  • Industrielle Revolution

    By Der Wahnsinn