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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


Is it stoner? Is it blues metal? Is it groove n' roll? Or just pure, fucking hard rock? <br>GRANDE will run you over like a tank, with strong choruses and a LOT of sweat - you decide the genre. <br> <br>Formed back in the late fall of 2008, the band quickly made a name for themselves with their energetic live shows. <br>Now, after having supported Swedish greats such as Mustasch, The Kristet Utseende, Mass Murder Agenda and Sideburn, the band will finally release their long awaited debut album. <br>Behind the production are two true metal pioneers: <br>- Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Hellacopters etc) produced in Sunlight Studios. <br>- Peter In de Betou (Meshuggah, Katatonia, Opeth etc) mastered in Tailor Maid. <br>It is as brutal as it is groovy. Double that feeling and you're still not close to the experience you get from watching GRANDE live. " <br> <br>"We have quite a broad spectum of influences, which we are told creats a pretty unique sound. We're not saying that we don't sound like any other band, but many others say it for us", says vocalist/guitarist Hella. <br>"When my 70's influences (particularly Sabbath and Zeppelin) mix with Fredrik's punk and hardcore and Johan's classic power metal something happens. Of course we have many common denominators (Pantera, BLS, Clutch, Entombed, Down, etc.), and they all contribute to the sound." <br> <br>So why should you choose us? We have all played in many good bands, but this is the only one where initially completely uninterested people in the back of the room get to the front and waive their hair and body around and beg for a t-shirt and cd afterwards. The only band where the venues bouncers say "I hear a dozen bands a week, you're damn good." The only band that gets a stripper to thank US for the show. The only band that get the main act not wanting to go on stage after us. The only band that attracts Swedish metal monsters Mustasch to a gig only to be told by singer Ralf "what the hell, they're better than us" (and then be asked to play their tour closing party). The only band to have Swedish demon producer Tomas Skogsberg saying "Damn, this is fucking great! Weird that you don't have a record contract! I think we can make the world's greatest album together!" (And we have done exactly that!) <br> <br>So give us ONE chance and we'll show you exactly why we are the only band you'll ever need.



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