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Artist background
Purified By Pain

Purified By Pain

Stockholm, Sweden



Based in Stockholm and created in the year of Harmageddon. We are Purified By Pain. We play Death Metal. <br> <br>The essence and spirit of this five piece metal band is too transcended beyond the shallows of common life and transmutes into a beast that lives in all men, to become your true self which most of society repulse and try to incarcerate. <br>We breathe the message of the ones who stand in opposition of the corruption modern society, against the slavery of everyday life and against the weak-minded who indulges in their self-proclaimed purity. Our reign is only in the alpha stage, we will deliver more of the dark arts for this realm with every crawl and every breath we take... <br>We are Purified by Pain. <br>We play Death Metal



  • Rise Of Apostasy

    By Purified By Pain