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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden


Alternative , Rock

ACE emerged as a solo act about twenty years ago. Since then members have come and gone, opportunities gained and lost, years wasted on artificial felicity and like a pendulum ACE has always swayed from side to side with the music as a constant weight on the end. <br>Throughout the years, several albums have been pressed and released in small quantities, only made available to the dedicated followers. <br> <br>The Bruised EP and the video of the song Bruised, simultaneously released in January 2013, are the first major releases from ACE, now once again a solo act while performing both live and in studio with a backup band, equally important. <br> <br>The music stretches out through various genres and isn’t straightforward to capture in words....but: <br> <br>“Some songs are like falling from a rooftop and you still haven't hit the ground yet. Some songs makes you hit the ground again and again and again...” <br> <br>-Amy Shazly <br>



  • MaD

    By ACE

  • The Bruised EP

    By ACE