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Artist background



Recruited By: Hasse

Ravenhelm was formed by core member 'Munnin the Impaler' early in the year of 2008. During its early incarnation, the project formed primarely as a recording hobby and dedication to blackened heavy metal. During this period, Ravenhelm recorded 2 demos titled "Infernal Ancient Years" and "Grave Beyond Yggdrasil" which was more or less generic roughly mixed and mastered black metal with trash and progressive elements. Following that, Ravenhelm started to dive a bit more into folk influenced epic music with its 2009 debut full lenght album "Through Pagan Mist", furthering the progression of Ravenhelm's sound in 2010. The second demo and full length was signed to a small indie label wich later dropped the project, furthering its material into obscurity and rareness. Munnin is seeking to get the first album re-released soon. Ravenhelm seeks to create something different from one album to the next and is not afraid to venture away from the "old school" sound. All instruments and vocals are all done by Munnin but has recently recruited a session drummer for the 2010 full length album "Runemal". Munnin tries to create a genuine pagan art, and speech. From the depths of the forests to the stars in the skies; and allow her, our mother Earth Iord, to bless us her harvest. In the Glory of the gods.