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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden

Spawned at the dawn of a new century Swedish metal act SLOWLIFE immediately caught the ears of metal fans around the globe. <br> <br>Their first demo quickly rose to the top of mp3.coms metalcore chart attracting more than 25.000 downloads worldwide. After polishing their craft the band entered the studio late 2003 to record an EP for Worston Records. The result has been described as progressive, aggressive metal hardcore with influences drawn from bands like At The Gates, Refused, Meshuggah and Killswitch Engage. <br> <br>Since 2003 the band has been playing sold out shows all over Sweden and thanks to their no holds barrel attitude they have evolved into one of Swedens most furious live acts. <br> <br>The band returned with 10 killer songs on the fullength CD What You Fear Is What You Get, which was released in November of 2006. <br> <br>In March of 2007 they entered the studio again to record the song 21 & Counting. This song showed the fans a bit of the more hardcore sound which was to characterize Slowlife from there on. <br> <br>In January of 2008 the band recorded a demo with three new songs which can all be heard here on Myspace. <br> <br>A new full length album is being recorded in the autumn of 2009... <br> <br>Prepare yourself to get your eardrums bashed in. <br>Prepare yourself for SLOWLIFE... <br> <br>Band members are: <br> <br>Kristoffer Österman - Vocals <br>Mikael Österman - Guitar <br>Johan Flodell - Guitar <br>Christian Andolf - Bass <br>Sillen - Drums