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Artist background


Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Devilicious is a quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden They formed 2005 Mikael Jacobsson (Guitar, vocal), Carl Paulsen (Bass), Martin Olsson (Lead-Guitar) and (VAKANT) (Drums). All with different musical backgrounds. <br> <br>The band, has mixed old virtues with a modern sound and production and in that way they have created a mix of alternative rock, Stoner, Metal and Punk even though it is impossible to categorize Devilicious music in that manner. The vocal of Mikael Jacobsson moves in an insisting way on top of a collage of Guitars, melodys, syncopated drums, thick bass and a tight stonerboogie groove, and the many musical changes, catshy riffs with force-filled song makes one long to hear their songs over and over again. The music of Devilicious is characterized by an overwhelming amount of ease, creativity and straightforwardness above the usual. <br>