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A&R at Record Union

I'm a music enthusiast on many levels, nowadays I'm mostly overusing streaming services and buying vinyl (again) occasionally. Record Union is a great way of helping unsigned and indie artists getting access to music streaming and download services worldwide, bypassing the whole old-school music industry structure. Wuf! <br> <br>Send me a DM on Twitter @patriqx to get some free goodies, i.e. the first release distributed for free, when signing up using my dedicated link, ok? <br>--- <br>The longer story: In my pre-teens I got bitten by the music bug, listening to music daily after school, recording new music off radio and LPs (and in the beginning from other cassettes too). This exitement lead me into high school and college bands, playing in local pubs and clubs, and recording some strange music back in the days. I also played the keyboards in many different bands during college and university. Together with a couple of guys we set up a dedicated music info service, in 2001 in Finland, covering everything from artists, gigs, venues and all types of music for the local market. As a user you could tag your favourite artists, gigs and music venues to create your own music calendars, write reviews and rate albums, discuss music and gigs you were going to. In 2012 the service was acquired by a music and culture media company. <br> <br>During 2008-2013 we added a music downloads shop – closely integrated into the Meteli services. Beginning with just 2M tracks it grew into 22M tracks during 5 years. We offered high-quality MP3s at reasonable prices and, of course, DRM free, i.e. without any usage restrictions. Since we wanted to offer grass root artists an easy way of getting access to music stores in Finland and worldwide, we entered into cooperation with Record Union and helped hundreds of artists getting attention for their music. Reality bites and streaming took over the music distribution to consumers.