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Artist background
The Nunnery

The Nunnery

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


The Nunnery was formed by Modig and Lostjärna sometimes around 2004. We are all old punkrockers and we had played with a lot of bands during the last 30(! )years. P-NISSARNA, ATTENTAT, TROUBLEMAKERS, just to mention a few. The songs you hear on this site is recorded in someones livingroom (cant remember who) in Gothenburg 2005-2007. NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!!! "NUNS WITH GUNS" Beware! Stay punk! Cheers! <br> <br>Band Members <br> <br>Veronica Lostjärna - vocal <br>Tomas Modig - guitar <br>Crippa - bass <br>Magnus Delbratt - drums



  • Nuns With Guns

    By The Nunnery