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Artist background
Modern Mothers

Modern Mothers

Philadelphia, United States of America


Alternative , Rock

There's something about pornography which has a similarity to rock music. A pornographic photographer aims his camera directly at the center of sexual attention. He's not interested in the environment of the room. Philadelphia’s Modern Mothers hate the sort of photography in Penthouse and Playboy. They see it as a compromise between something to give you a hard-on and something which pretends to be artistic. The straight pornographers aim right there where it's at. <br>“Where it’s at” is the land where Modern Mothers inhabit…a blood stained finger that points right at the center of rock n’ roll and sex, then snaps a Polaroid. Their sophomore release, “Transgressions” (released on Mothers Day, 2010) as well as their self-titled debut, is available for free download on their website, Remember, all Modern Mothers tracks are foolishly free to download…s’amuser!



  • Bodies

    By Modern Mothers

  • John

    By Modern Mothers

  • Modern Mothers

    By Modern Mothers

  • Transgressions

    By Modern Mothers