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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden



NATANAEL takes the stage <br> <br>With his debut EP ‘IT’S YOU’ NATANAEL draws on a rich musical background and years of stage experience to fuse an eclectic mix of pop, soul and world music anchored by his unique and soulful voice. <br> <br>--- <br> <br>Born in Stockholm, Sweden, NATANAEL grew up surrounded by music. <br>Raised on a steady and varied diet of musical influences provided by his mother, an established singer, and father, NATANAEL cites early influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and Al Jarreau to Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Dave Grusin and Swedish folk music. <br> <br>Since his on-stage debut at the age of 6, playing a toy saxophone behind his mother, NATANAEL has performed as a musician and singer with acts such as Samson for President, Alex Saidac, Swedish Idol contestant Ola and Tensta Gospel Choir. <br> <br>Deciding to step out on his own a few years back NATANAEL started writing songs and honing his craft as a solo act at some of Stockholms premiere live music venues. <br> <br>His debut EP ‘IT’S YOU’ captures the energetic experience and intimate urgency of NATANAEL’s live show, bringing to life lyrics dealing with love, sacrifice and doubt. <br> <br>Backed by some of Stockholms most competent young musicians, NATANAEL effortlessly combines unlikely influences to weave a rich tapestry of sound as varied as it is personal. <br> <br>As the Senegalase drums give way to the syncopated groove and snaking guitar lines of ‘I Long to Be (With You)’ you catch a glimpse of an artist with a unique musical vision starting out on a long ride, and it promises to be a thrilling one. <br> <br>



  • IT'S YOU