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Artist background
Made Men Division

Made Men Division

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Danell

Electronic , Pop , Rnb

Welcome to the Artistic Management Resource, launched by the Made Men Division Managers Association as a central point of information and resources for both artist managers and self-managed artists. In order to develop and manage creative individuals. <br> <br>Are you …… <br> <br>• New to the field of Band / Artist Management, or considering starting an Artist Management Company? <br>• Already operating an Artist Management Company but would like a “refresher” resource to help spark some new ideas? <br>• An independent artist or musician looking to self-manage? <br>• Studying or teaching a music business or entertainment-related course and seeking to supplement your reading or teaching materials? <br>Subscribe to MMD. We'll help you with your business. <br> <br>Description <br> <br>With the unpredictability of current music business models, along with the staggering array of music-related opportunities available to those "in the know", the success edge will go to the most knowledgeable individuals operating with the right mixture of financing, talent, foresight, planning, timing, and game plan execution. The purpose of this site is to illuminate the path upon which today's successful managers and self-managed artists should travel.


  • Ever After Clear

    By Iman The SpecialisT

  • Come Alive

    By Iman The SpecialisT

  • Empty Worlds

    By Iman The SpecialisT